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C-SPANistan and Other DC Neighborhoods

The Washington City Paper came up with this excellent fantasy map of Washington, DC for the cover of their most recent edition.  Georgetown becomes the Banana Republic Republic; Capitol Hill becomes C-SPANistan; Rock Creek Park is the Gary Conduit; and the Mall is Fannypackistan.  Click here or on the picture above to go to a full image of the map, on the City Paper’s site.

The paper’s website actually allows visitors to click on each neighborhood to see interesting places to see, shop, and eat.  It also ranks the neighborhoods in terms of power, with those in Southwest and Southeast DC coming in at the bottom of the rankings.


The Infamous “Kansas Rectangle”

At last, someone has conducted an investigation into the Kansas Rectangle, the Bermuda Triangle’s deadlier and less well-known cousin:

The few known photos from inside the Rectangle show only a flat, blank emptiness, stretching unremarkably to the horizon…What happens in the lives of those who venture within remains a mystery.

From The Onion.

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